Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting on with it

So, I've been thinking about creating this blog for such a long time. Thinking, but not getting down to the business of actually doing. You have to understand, this is such a big step for me. There's the constant chatter in my skull, what will I write about, who will even read this, and it just goes on and on. Believe me, I exhaust myself!
Mostly, this is an exercise. An exercise in sharing and doing, and putting myself out there.
Laguna is a beautiful, unique place. I am so lucky to live here, and be part of this amazing community. This is my journey as I stumble, pick myself up, dust off and keep on moving forward.
I really appreciate your input, too. I love a good debate, but despise nastiness. So, if you leave a comment, please keep things civil.


  1. Thanks GSC, it feels great to finally be in blogland! It takes some of us a little longer, ya know?

  2. Good job, Carey! I started a blog, but only wrote one entry, about a year ago! Forgot all my passwords, but it's out there somewhere! I have another friend who has a great food blog called Spinach Tiger, which I subscribe to, and now I'll have yours too! Proud of you. A very good thing to do.

  3. Care, I love it!! Thanks for sending the link. It will help me stay in better touch with you and the boys. Love you and miss you ~ pam

  4. thanks, tamale girl! looking forward to your posts, too!
    Pam, thanks! i know, it'll be fun!