Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thanks guys!

I'm pretty much computer illiterate. Yea sure, I'm able to open a Facebook account, and I'm not too perplexed with keeping this blog going. But other than that, all that techy stuff kind of hurts my head.

So, when I finally figured out how to read my blog stats, (for you guys who don't blog, it's right there in front of your face, who knew?) it was a real treat. The stats give a blogger all kinds of cool info, like where your traffic sources are coming from, and how many pageviews you've gotten. I guess it's useful info for a blogger who can actually control her stats in order to create more revenue, not that I know anything about that. But the one thing that I did notice, (and I can't tell you how completely tickled I am about this) is that I have over 1000 pageviews! It's actually, at this moment, up to 1011!  Ahem, but who's really counting anyways?

So, a HUGE thank you to all you guys out there in cyberspace! I really appreciate you checking in on my blog every now and then. It would be great if you'd consider following me, and don't be afraid to leave me a comment every so often, too. Does it sound like I'm groveling?  Well, that is a possibility. A blogger whom I completely adore, When Red Means Go, says something like: leaving a comment on a blog is like crack for addicts. Ha, ok, so she's completely irreverent and inappropriate, (and she does have nearly 2000 followers!) but she is so, SO good at it! If you're at all sensitive to inappropriateness, PLEASE don't go to her blog, otherwise, have at it! But she does have a good point. Bloggers do love feedback!

This blogging thing is way harder than I thought it would be. I was that guy who dumbly thought, "how hard can it be?" I admit, it's a bit of an ass kicking, but I'm loving every minute of it! And it's great to know that you guys are along for the ride, too.


  1. I second the crack analogy!

    you should link to her blog and to the post you cited...

    And let her know that you mentioned her in your blog!

  2. But isn't it all worth it? I think blogging (and the people you meet) is so much fun! :)