Sunday, January 30, 2011

Great walls

When I was visiting the home and garden of Hortense Miller last week, it dawned on me to begin to look at things with a "fresh" eye. Hortense was such an inspiration! She lived an amazingly creative life, between her gardening, her artistry, and the way she put her home together. And that bamboo fence that she designed and built triggered the idea for this post.

With camera in hand, off I went trying to see normal things in a new or different way. I started taking photos of walls and fences around town. I fell in love with the way shadows are cast from the vertical or horizontal slats, and the mid century style to some concrete walls. It's pretty crazy that when you finally look at something in a new way, everything about it begins to look interesting! 

I love this mid century pattern!

Shadow play.

Laguna's version of the stone wall.

Afternoon sunlight creates interesting shadows.

Rustic charm.

Some of these images are Laguna landmarks. Just for fun, can you name any of these locations?


  1. Can't name a one! You have a great eye, though!

  2. can't name :-) wonderful finds! lovely greetings from Bulgaria