Thursday, February 3, 2011

Art Squared

My neighbor, Rosalind, is a boardmember of LOCA ( Laguna Outreach for Community Arts). Yesterday afternoon she sabotaged me, and somehow got me to commit to a watercolor class called Art Squared, where all of the finished pieces will be donated to an auction that will help fund their programs. I like to think of myself as kind of an artist, but truth be told, I haven't picked up any type of paintbrush in years! I did, however, take a watercolor class in my younger years. But that was a looong time ago! If I break my age down into dog-years, maybe it won't make me sound quite so old.

Ditching the kids, (they don't start school until 10:30 on Thursdays!) I walked down the street to her house. But as the instruction began, I could feel the too high expectations and panic start to well up deep within. Like I said, I think of myself in an artsy way but the reality is, I'm not an artist! And frankly,  I'm pretty terrible!

Roger goes back to the basics
But the instructors were great, both of them are artists who show at the Festival of Arts, and really make a living by selling their work. Roger Folk began by refreshing us on the color wheel and color values. Thankfully, I remembered some of those terms! Then Jacquie Moffet finished up with ideas for compositions and more info on applications of different techniques. Then it was our turn to somehow turn their instructions into an actual painting.

Jacquie hold up a photo as Roger shows how it's done
It didn't take long to remember why I loved painting so much as a kid! It was really frustrating at times, but really exhilarating and inspiring, too!

Matilija Poppy, or Fried Egg Flower
Believe me, I know that my work is not great, but just knowing that I finished a piece was seriously, very encouraging. Hours went by like minutes, the way they always do when you're in that creative place. With  lots of hand holding and talking me down from scary places, Jacquie and Roger helped me find something that had to be dusted off after years of neglect. Maybe I'll have to take another class sometime. There's always room for improvement.


  1. Okay, maybe I just don't know that much about art but.. that's fantastic and I would just about bet it'll sell in no time too. If that's what you ended up with after one dusting then I really think you should keep dusting!!

  2. Thanks, Susan! Dusting off the cobwebs isn't always easy, but I have to say, I was really encouraged!

  3. Oh! I am soooooooo envious! I'd really like to find some creative something inside of me, and if there was any kind of class near by I would totally be there!

    Your painting is quite good!

  4. Don't sell yourself short! Your painting is lovely! I would definitely bid on it! It's always scary to start learning new things ( for instance,guitar lessons) but it's great to keep the brain busy! And important!
    Keep on painting! You have such natural talent and beautiful inspirations all around you!

  5. your painting looks great! watercolor is one of the hardest mediums, too! keep going!