Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tsunami tidal surge 3.11.11

When you are at the beach, on the sand, you can barely notice a small tsunami tidal surge. It's sort of strange, but it's really hard to tell the difference between a normal tide, and the sweeping tidal surges of a tsunami.

But this video, at the mouth of the Santa Ana River, just north of Newport Beach, California, shows just how dramatic a small scale tsunami can be.

video by: swswx

Usually boats that are docked in the marinas and harbors are tossed around during these smaller events, but beaches generally are left unscathed.

My thoughts are with the Japanese people right now. It's hard to imagine how they are picking up the shattered pieces of their lives after so much devastation.

The Japanese Red Cross has mobilized, and are in the trenches helping people. If you feel inclined, here's a link to donate.

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