Monday, April 4, 2011


Ah, life on the farm... I am happy to report that the baby chicks are doing just fine. They have already grown some, they are curious, and still cute as can be.

We started building the coop on  Saturday using mostly reclaimed wood that was stored under the house. It's not fancy, but it's sturdy, and I think the chicks will be happy there. I tell you, if there's an earthquake, that's where you'll find me. It's solid.

Using power tools made this project a lot more fun for the boys.

The coop is nearly done, but we still need to add roofing, a window and the run. They won't move into their new house for a few more weeks at least.

Ok, I'll try not to bore you with too many chick pics, but no promises. Talk about a mother hen! But hey, aren't they the cutest?


  1. What breeds are they? Did you get any Araucana chicks? I love the colored eggs! Have fun, Care!

  2. thanks! i got 2 amaraucana, they lay greenish eggs, 2 rhode island reds they lay brown eggs, 2 brahmas- light brown and 2 buffs, i think they lay white eggs. i should get a whole array of colors!

  3. The coop is looking GREAT! Are you and tori spelling friends? she has chickens, now...


    You won't have to color eggs next year!

  4. no, don't know tori, but you've got to love a girl with a chicken, right?
    although, i don't think i'll be using mine as accessories, except for maybe garden ornaments!
    ps, it's ameraucana, i spelled it wrong the first time, oops.

  5. what a palace! now you don't have to worry about being an empty nester!! (i have total chicken envy!)

  6. Very exciting! We had 4 chickens years back when Nick & Adam were 1st & 2nd grade. Estelle, Elaine, Roxanne & Rosemary. We loved those chickens! They were easy to take care of- except for the time the scary possum got in their coop. Bonus: I had the best gardens in those years too! Have fun!!!

  7. Wow, those babies are extremely cute. No doubt you'll make a great chicken mama! Have fun. Can't wait to see those beautiful eggs and I'm sure you can't wait to taste them.