Friday, April 22, 2011

Slow food

Have you guys heard of Slow Food? Basically, it means eating food right out of your garden, or what's grown locally. For the last few years we've had tomatoes, lettuce, beets, and cabbage growing in our garden, you know, the basic summer garden treats. But this winter, on a whim, Mr. R, along with the help of my other 2 guys planted some red potatoes.

We finally harvested some of these wonders, so I would like to share some pics with you. Straight from garden to plate!

It just doesn't get any fresher than this!

Add some peppers, onions, garlic, a little salt and pepper, that's it!

Breakfast is served! Spinach & mushroom frittata, and super fresh, delish potatoes. Yum!

Here in Laguna, most of us don't even have backyards. We are packed in tightly, with most of the focus on our incredible views. So, I hope you don't mind me gloating over my little suburban farm just a bit. Don't hate me because of my beautiful potatoes!


  1. These are great! Love that you harvested them and went right to the kitchen. Talk about fresh food!

  2. I won't hate you, as long as I get to enjoy your fresh harvest!

    The chicken poop is going to be great fertilizer for the garden!

  3. Those are some beautiful spuds! Don't you just love it when you can actually eat what you grow?
    It always amazes me. I don't have a terribly green thumb but we've been composting all winter and I'm going to try again this summer. Your spuds are an inspiration...I can do it!

  4. *chuckle* my Hubby refuses to plant them this year; that's how tired he was of the potato bug infestation that hit his garden last year, so thanks for sharing your beautiful potatoes. look forward to seeing more of your blog!

  5. love this post! the potatoes are really beautiful too! are french fries slow food?