Wednesday, June 8, 2011

World Ocean Day!

Hey, What are you wearing today? Blue?

Today is World Ocean Day. Wear blue and tell two... that's why I'm telling you!

Today is the day to remind ourselves to take care of our oceans. To make a commitment to protect and keep our ocean healthy.

To celebrate our ocean, and appreciate all the ocean gives us.

To admire the sheer beauty, the awesome power, the undeniable magnificence.

To remember that everything that runs-off into our rivers, finally makes it's way into our ocean. 

I'm wearing blue today, in hopes that my kids, and their kids will have a clean, healthy ocean.

Spread the word, and tell two!

Happy World Ocean Day!


  1. Happy World Ocean Day to you, two! It is important to keep it clean. It's shocking some of the junk they find in the stomachs of turtles and fish.

    Love to the chickens.xo

  2. MMM-Thanks! Junk and weird chemicals are definitely not good for the fishys. Chickens send their love back. xo