Monday, September 13, 2010

Moment to moment

The thing about moments, is that they are fleeting. That quiet feeling of bliss that you feel when you are really paying attention to those lovely details can end abruptly, sending you in another direction entirely.

I was walking my dog, Buddy, around the neighborhood the other day, it was a beautiful afternoon, cool but sunny, really a pretty day. I was taking it slow, not one of my usual power walks. I had already done a beach walk that day at Crystal Cove Beach,  which included a killer set of stairs. So, I was just trying to give Buddy a break, so he could take his time, smell all the smells he wanted to, and have a leisurely walk.

I was so engrossed in the momentary minutia, that I had completely forgotten about the rabid boxer dog that lives around the corner. We stroll past the boxer's house, not even thinking for one minute that anything could go wrong. I bet you know where this is going... The boxer, let's call him... um, Kujo, comes charging down his driveway with his little friend not far behind, both in attack mode. Of course Buddy pulls the leash, trying to lunge back at them, and for the second time in 2 weeks, I land on my butt in the middle of the street because of this crazy animal, trying desperately to hold onto Buddy's leash. I fell hard. It was complete mayhem. Dogs barking, teeth gnashing, and me shouting from the ground trying to quickly scramble to my feet.
Uh oh, I think he sees us...
Finally my dumbass neighbor comes out and tries to get a grip on his completely out of control, rabidly insane dogs. I brush myself off, and shout a few choice phrases after him, then I notice that my hand is covered in dog shit, because I was carrying Buddy's poop bag when I fell, and smeared it all over myself. Now, that's a moment to notice!

So, maybe I'll try a little harder to not be so caught up in the "moment" when I pass the house of Kujo. From now on, being fully present is on my list of priorities. Moments come and go, and I know that they're often beautiful, but knowing full well what may confront you is equally worthwhile. I really want to be completely aware, and on my toes the next time Kujo comes charging down his driveway. But wouldn't it be nice if my neighbor would just leash the dog so that I could continue along with my head in the clouds?


  1. that is so classic!! kujo--i love it! sorry about the bad schmear! i hope you didn't hurt yourself falling. what can we do about these pet owners who have no clue how to handle their beasts? i love the owners who have their dog on a leash, and as it strains its leash toward you and your dog, they assure you, "oh, he's friendly," and then he lunges at your dog, ready to rip her throat out. "Oh, gosh, bad kujo, really he's usually so friendly..."
    we need to walk in packs!

  2. janine, thanks, i'm a little stiff, but no bruising. i think the overdose of arnica may have helped. do you think that maybe they're over breeding kujo type dogs? it seems like there's a mad dog on every corner these days, with crazy owners at the end of their leashes. walking in packs is good, strength in numbers might be the answer.

  3. Kujo-type dogs are the result of clueless, ignorant owners. No such thing as a stupid or evil dog, but there are plenty of stupid/evil people!

    Sorry that your walk ended so shittily (sorry about the pun, too, but it had to be said!)

  4. gsc, not sure what to think about people and their pets... stupid, evil, careless? all i know is i don't want to be splayed out in the middle of the street anymore. it's very unbecoming.

    hehe, yea, shit does happen sometimes!

  5. It's so funny that you post about this because just this morning I was thinking how my head is always up my arse. Sorry you had to go through that though.

    Love the name Kujo for a dog. HILARIOUS!

  6. annah, thanks so much for visiting! kujo is definitely a fitting name for this monster. can't help but wonder if stephen king had a dog like this in his neighborhood?

  7. I have that same neighbor. Just stopped by via GSC, love that photo up top. I could look at that all day long.

  8. susan, yea, what's that saying about the eyes being the window to the soul? i think this guys soul is trying to figure out what evil things he can do to passers by!
    really? you have that same neighbor? small world. haha