Thursday, March 8, 2012

Celebrating women

Today is International Womens' Day, and I didn't want to miss this opportunity to pay homage to just a few of us. We are the foundation of our families, we are the avid supporters of our friends, and we are the backbone of our jobs. A mothers knowing touch, a laugh with girlfriends, a meal prepared for a husband, are the subtle and sometimes unrecognized gifts that women give to those around them. There are many champions among us. Even the most average woman has dealt with her own humble heroics. But here are some women who, in my opinion, have overcome oppression and passionately and peacefully shown how to be true heroes.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, and Tawakkol Karman

2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of the Green Belt Movement

Gloria Steinem

Michelle Obama

Laura Pollan,  founder of Cuba's Ladies in White
Mother and child by: Franz Lanting
Celebrate the women in your life today. It doesn't have to be anything extraordinary, just a smile, a touch, a phone call, just some kind of recognition of her generous spirit.


  1. we rule (well, not literally, not always, dammit)! and we should celebrate every day. we are the best. :)

  2. Women are so extraordinary. What a beautiful post. Thanks for reminding me to love my sisters!