Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What happened to summer?

Summer is finally here. It took awhile to make it, but the windows are finally opened, the comforter is finally off the bed, and the living is a little bit easier. On the coast, we usually have some fog in spring and early summer. We call it May- gray, and  June- gloom, but this year we had July- ??( oh, why!), and even part of August- was a bust!
Gloomy day mid July
We are all more than happy that the summer sun has finally peeked out. But, hang on. School starts in a little less than 2 weeks! Now that summer is here, it'll be over before you know it!
In autumn we have the most amazing sunsets. The marine layer recedes, and Catalina Island becomes the focal point. The other evening, we had our first Catalina sunset. Pretty as a picture! The air was like silk, with the temperatures hovering in the low 70's.
Catalina Island is there, I promise!
 I absolutely love autumn! It's probably my most favorite season here in So. Cal., but I can't help but feel that we've gotten ripped off of our summer! Our entire June, July and even the part of August was gloomy, cold and drippy. We finally have a taste of summer, only to have school and other responsibilities breathing down our collars.

Ah well, and so it goes. The trick now is to enjoy the little bit of summer that's left. I still have a few things to check off my summertime to do list. Ride the trolley for one, and go to the Sawdust Festival. The clock is ticking fast, time to get a little summertime under my belt before it's in the rear view mirror.

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