Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm having a moment

I don't know if it's my age, or my hormones, or what, but lately the little things in life are really getting to me. It's those tiny details that are making me take note, the small pleasures that really make me feel happy. Not that bigger pleasures are a bad thing either. It's just that small pleasures are maybe just a little more unexpected.

Listen up all you Kindle readers. Hot coffee in hand, taking that first sip while opening the Sunday paper, it's almost euphoric. Reading the newspaper anyways, puts me right over into that place of bliss. But the Sunday paper? I think it just might be an addiction.

I need an intervention!
This morning my sister called on the phone. She was visiting my dad and handed the phone over to him so we could talk, too. He's not easy to talk to, he's hard of hearing and can't always reply to your comments or questions, but just to hear his voice, is magical to me. He's my dad, and no matter how abstract he gets, his voice still has an emotional tug on me. He doesn't have a phone in his room, so the only time I get to talk to him is if someone who's visiting him calls me. And today was a good day. He knew who I was, he answered some questions, and even laughed at a joke that he made. It's not always that good.

Another thing, we planted a new garden in our backyard. It's still a little sparse, lots of the plants will have to fill in, but almost immediately, I noticed that the bees and hummingbirds had already found their favorite plants. How the heck do they do that? Amazing, no?

And, after the summer of gloom that we've just experienced here, any hint of sunshine on my face is almost like an answered prayer. Well, if I believed that prayers could be answered, I think it would be exactly like that. Heavenly.
She shines even brighter with a little
sunshine on her face.  
Hawks flying overhead, coyotes calls in the nighttime, the way the fog bank almost seems to breathe in and out, there are so many moments that make me quietly smile. It's the noticing. Little things are happening to us constantly. In the rush of the world around us, sometimes we don't always see and hear. But lately, I have been noticing. Those tiny details and small pleasures are adding up into something much bigger.


  1. I guess the sum is greater than its parts on one hand, but then again, all the details that make up our beautiful lives can't be overlooked!

  2. A few little things, like those you mentioned, are priceless; they spell "peace" in my mind.

  3. parisapartment and gsc, so true, peace is in those quiet moments that so many of us don't get anymore. i have to remind myself to just slow things down a little bit so the noticing remains within reach.