Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mexican themed Laguna garden

My friend Janine Robinson has a great garden blog called Laguna Dirt. In her quest for cool gardens around town, I thought I'd introduce her to some friends. I knew she would love Mark and Cindy Evans' amazing garden. So we went by one day, and Cindy just happened to be out tending her garden. We asked if it would be ok if we could come back with a camera so that Janine could take some pics. And after chatting for awhile, and us drooling over all of their wonderful vintage finds, she agreed!

What's behind the gate?

 A few days later, I tagged along when Janine went back to take lots of shots of the garden and to talk to Mark and Cindy a little about their space. Their garden is the stuff of myths. Every inch, and around every corner are wonderful vintage Mexican and religious themed statues and trinkets that leave you feeling nostalgic, and very lucky to be in their space. Sheer bliss.

It's all about the details in this garden.

Aren't those flamingos fabulous?

We stayed for hours! Wandering around and through their large garden, following paths that lead to patios and sun drenched nooks. Everywhere you looked were more cool flea market treasures. 

The colors and textures made this garden so interesting!

Adorable donkey with cacti

Cindy's dad made this St. Francis of Assisi for her, per her instructions
Very cool, right?

A sleeping deck off the main house, the bed is behind the closed blinds on the right.

This Mamasita and her piglets guard the front window
More to drool over

Another Mamasita

Cindy's dad also made this cigar smoking dude.
I have so many more pics to share! I'll have to do another post...


  1. So cool! I don;t very often find myself liking southwestern gardens, but this one is lovely!

  2. I think this is the best there is. A-maze-ing! There's nothing I DON'T like in this garden!

  3. So cool and SO different from New England gardens! I love all the little treasures! I have tried to incorporate unexpected objects in my garden too, but still have a long way to go! My absolutely favorite pictures were of the St Francis statues. Those are fabulous! They should market them... there are buyers out there for them!