Sunday, December 12, 2010

So this is Christmas?

I am chuckling to myself right now. Just when the Christmas spirit was nearly within my grasp, the weather shifts, and today it was 80 degrees outside! As the rest of the country hunkers down in their winter woolens and down comforters, we here in sunny So. Cal are throwing open the windows in search of a faint breeze. How crazy is that?

Christmas heats up!
I'm sure that holiday feeling will come back, but how do you expect to hang the stockings over the fireplace when you're breaking out in a sweat? I guess that growing up in New England doesn't help with the cold weather in December expectations either. I mean isn't it supposed to at least be below 70? It is December after all!


  1. those giant blow-up figurines people have on their front lawns, especially the snowmen, look weird enough, and then there's no snow, and now they are blowing around in a heat wave! wacky!

  2. GSC, yes, it's finally summer! I guess I should be cheering instead of complaining, right?
    Janine, maybe those weird plastic blow-up lawn decorations will all melt in this stifling heat? Well, we can only hope!

  3. This morning it was 11 degrees in Cherry Valley... I'm wishing for your 80 degrees! No snow here yet though, flurries only so far. The blow up weirdo lawn decorations look strange here too!

  4. Oh yeah, baby, was 90 here in one of the Valleys a couple days ago, drizzling today!

  5. I'm thankful for the drizzle, believe it or not. It's just way too weird with the weather being better than summer!