Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Village Laguna charm

Have I mentioned that I love where I live? We are so lucky to have so many beautiful and unique homes that accessorize the beaches and hidden coves perfectly. And all that was confirmed last Sunday, when I went on Village Laguna's 39th annual Charm House Tour.

Getting to peek behind gates and perfectly painted closed doors, is an absolute delight in this beachside town. And although we couldn't take pictures inside of the homes, I did snap a couple of pics here and there.

These folks named their house "Xanadu". I kept humming that song by Olivia Newton John the whole time I was walking through! But really, it was an adorable little cottage hanging right over a wash that was chock full of all kinds of flora and fauna and chirping birds.

 There were six homes featured in all, but I focused most of my attention on this sweet little 1926 cottage. Most of it was pretty original, with creative decor and whimsy throughout. Oh, I so wish that I could have taken some pics of the interior! But wait until you see some of the amazing gardens and exterior!

I have loved these Paolo Soleri windbells for a very long time. They used to have a shop in town that sold them, and I would give them as gifts. That shop is long gone, and I can't believe that I never got one for myself! Recently, I found their website, so now I have to save some $$ for my very own windbell!

By now you've probably figured out that I really love these bells, and that I'm just a little bit jealous of their fabulous collection!

This is an aviary that they have in their front yard. Can you see those little doves on the perch? They also had a couple more aviaries in the back yard.

These folks had amazing taste and a good eye to match. In every nook and cranny there were sweet vignettes to keep you noticing all the purposeful color and texture.

The nasturtiums offer a vibrant burst of color to cheer anybody in need!

If you look closely, you can see that there's a bees nest in the birdhouse. No wonder why their garden looks so good!

Neither the crowds, nor the bees disturbed Elenor's cat-nap!

The color of these succulents is wonderful with the sunshine streaming through, don't you think?

The side yard was just as charming as the front of the house!

Guess who's house was also on the tour this year. Give up? Cindy and Mark Evans'! Remember them? I posted on their Mexican themed garden way back in December. You can find the original posts here and here. Oh, and the L.A. Times did a piece on the inside of their house, which you can find here.

I took this tour with my friend, Janine, who has a blog called Laguna Dirt. Be sure to check out her post, too!


  1. those bells were so cool! thanks for posting link to the source. seems like an interesting company. what a collection they had at that amazing home and garden!

    1. Hello ladies I live in Phoenix and have a large soleri windbell collection 30+ recipe fly a fellow Cole for passed and his children asked me to find good homes for some of his 57 bells and 13 sculpture and other pieces. The bells range in size and price from 50 up to several thousand for signed bells. I already purchased seven pieces from the collection so now that I have a second mortgage I'm looking for good Homes with good people who will love them as much as I do! If you are interested in an original one of a kind soleri bell that will long outlast all of us. I have tiny 1" bells 3" all the way up to 12" and 16" bells. Ranging from 55 years old to almost new. All the bells in collection were made while paolo was still alive some burnished finish most patina finish. Take a look at styles on the website also u will have an idea of the cost. Soleri bells only appreciate the older they are the more valuable. The surface markings are one of a kind but basic shape and design are reused. Find one or 10 you like and send me an email let me know if your on a budget and I would love nothing more than to pair you up with your first cosanti original soleri windbell!! Troy.reece@gmail dot com thank you for letting me Babel this is my passion. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    2. Woo that's supposed to say recently a fellow collector passed

  2. Hey Carey, thanks for the tour. Charminggggg in so many ways. I need a little charm, so I must come down. Keep up the good work.

  3. what a lovely place...thanks for the tour!

  4. That is a crazy, cute house. I loved exploring it. Get a windbell!

    (Thank you for your recent comment, too).