Monday, August 8, 2011

Point and shoot

It's remarkable, really. Now that I have my new camera, my kids are begging me to hang out with them at the beach and snap pics of them while they surf. I should have bought this toy years ago!

For instance, when younger son asked me to tag along with him to the beach to take some pics, I didn't hesitate. I grabbed the camera as fast as I could. As a mom of teenagers, it's these kinds of moments that we don't even dare to dream about.

I dropped him off with his surfboard at the top of the stairs to the beach, and turned the car around to find a parking spot. Anybody who has ever been to Laguna knows that finding a parking spot in summer is like finding the Loch Ness monster, or Chupacabra, or any other mythical thing out there. They may be out there, but it's not likely that you'll find one. But fortunately I was pretty lucky that morning.

I dashed down to Thalia Street Beach, set up my camera, and started looking for my kid. Even with my eye glued to a 300mm lens, I still couldn't find him.

 I decided to shoot some pics just to practice. I got some ok shots of some guys out in front. I'm still learning a lot, so this kind of practice is pretty valuable.

The waves were good, but I noticed that just south, at Brooks Street, some big sets were coming in, so I pointed the lens south, and shot a few streams of pics just for the fun of it.

We uploaded the photos, and he immediately noticed that the pics that I took at Brooks Street were of him!


  1. that's so cool! you should randomly aim your camera at a lot of places! who knows who you will catch on film! seriously, beautiful photos--especially since they are of your son!

  2. Great pix of the boy!!!! Gosh, he's gotten so tall!!

    Love 'n hugs!

  3. either that is some camera or you are a helluva photographer! or both!!!

    and you can widen your blog margins pretty easily if you want to (so that the images are not obstructed by sidebar text). just go under design/templates/margins. i think!

  4. thanks!

    ha, it's definitely the camera.
    thanks for the tip on setting margins... sometimes it just takes a little coaching for me to catch on!