Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Look what we found today!

Finally! I seriously was beginning to think that we had the only chickens every born hatched that would never lay eggs. But just look at these beauties!

And they tasted pretty yummy, fried up with some veggies and served slathered in hot sauce. Just look at the pretty orange color, and check out how fresh eggs cook, the middle doesn't cook as fast as the edges.

Tomatoes and garlic courtesy of our garden.

Here's some more veggies from our garden. I'm not sure what to do with all those peppers. Any suggestions?


  1. How exciting and yummy! How many hens do you have? I would love to have hens....maybe someday!

  2. Maybe stuffed peppers or just chopped up and used with onions to saute chicken or other veggies.

  3. sooo exciting! we have 8 hens. we weren't sure if they would end up as roosters, but i'm really optimistic that they are in fact hens.
    i was thinking chile rellenos, but really don't want to deep fry...

  4. so fresh and delicious! i'd like to grub on these eggs and veggies!

  5. Ohhh, I have egg envy! Your garden veggies are gorgeous! I think I may need to have a hen party.
    You're an inspiration Carey!