Monday, October 24, 2011

What do I know?

I recently watched one of the Ted Talks by performance poet, Sarah Kay. Per Ted Talks, she was courageous, funny and inspirational to listen to, but something she said really struck a chord with me. She was asking each person in the audience to list 3 things that they know to be true, then listed her own 3 things.

So, that got me to thinking about my own 3 things. After thinking and thinking, scratching my noggin, and banging my head against the wall, I realized I don't know much to be absolutely true. And on any given day, what I know to be true one day may be completely and utterly false the next.

But anyways, here are my 3 things that I know to be true today:

1. Bad things come in increments higher than 3. (but hopefully not more than 10 or 11)

2. There are usually good things that come alongside bad things.

3. Not being able to feel your left leg stinks.

Ok, so I'm wondering what your 3 things are?

I'll keep you posted on my number of bad things after I get my MRI appointment set...


  1. I hope your leg gets better. That's terrible.

    Think good thoughts. I will for you.

  2. ARGH! I was hoping for a good report after the chiro!

    3 things


    Jeez! I used to be so much smarter, when I was younger, I guess. I knew all kinds of things!

    Love you!

  3. thanks mmc, i'll need them, mri scheduled for early tomorrow morning. fingers crossed!

    cyn, i know, right? we were waaayyy smarter before!

  4. Hope the MRI went okay. It is very creepy being in that noisy machine, isn't it? I kept my eyes shut tight the whole time. I had one about a year ago and have yet to act on the results. Are you in pain? Hope not. Keep us posted.

  5. # 3 made me laugh.

    i could list some things that are true today, but they would be angry and depressing for the most part. lol. so i'll spare ya!

    p.s. one thing that is true that isn't a full on downer: LAYS classic potato chips are so salty and delicious, and they are making me a weeeeeeeee bit cheerier at this moment. lol

  6. ugh, now you are giving us homework? 3 things.
    1. there are both good things and bad things.
    2. we have a choice on which to focus on, and how to react to them, although we can't always change or stop them.
    3. good things are better than bad things.

    hah! did i pass?