Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Walk this way

After a nice, leisurely weekend, it's hard to believe this week is moving forward so quickly! It's already Tuesday? Geez, slow down already!

Well, Sunday morning Mr. R and I went for a coffee and a walk along the beach. There has been so much bad weather lately, it really felt great to take a nice walk on the beach, feel some sunshine on my face, and just take in a beautiful morning in Laguna.

Fishing and pleasure boats
Morning surfer 
The light and the clouds were so pretty. Doesn't the ocean look cold? I'm not sure what the water temp was, I didn't even put my big toe in!

View looking North
Main Beach
As the gull flies
Then we continued up to Heisler Park, and walked along the path that winds through the park.

Divers Cove
Rock with shadow
We bumped into some friends, and chatted for awhile, our faces turned to the sun. It was a pretty good start to our Sunday, and I feel grateful for another nearly perfect moment. Isn't it strange how we forget to look in our own backyards for beauty and inspiration?


  1. Sounds like a perfect Sunday, to me. Except for not testing the water!

    To understand a back yard with no inspiration you need to come to dirtville!

  2. i know, i should have tested the water, but i'm such a warm water girl, i couldn't bring myself to do it!

    i do know that the morning skies in dirtville are really something. i guess in some places we have to look harder to find that spark.