Thursday, October 28, 2010

The really real housewife

Reading the LA Times today, there was an article on the "Real Housewives". They just added a new cast of characters in Beverly Hills. I'm sure there will be more antics to follow, you know, like the predictable cat fights, hair grabbing, and bitch slapping. All the things that "real" housewives really do.
Awhile back, my son was sitting with me as I watched one of these insipid TV shows, and he asked why I don't have a spot on one of these reality shows. Immediately, I knew that he was pulling my leg, but I went along with him for a laugh. See, it's not all that farfetched. In my neighborhood we had a little brush with reality show fame when Lynn Curtain and her family lived around the corner from us. Her daughter Alexa was in my oldest son's grade in school. Well, that was just before they started shooting the show. They quickly moved from that house in order to live in a grander, more mansion-like house closer to the beach in Capistrano Beach. So, it could happen, right? I mean, why couldn't I be the next "real" housewife?

Reality sucks
"What a great idea," I told him, "you're absolutely right!" As I smirked, trying not to giggle, I suggested that the camera could follow me around while I washed dishes, cleaned toilets, walked the dog and picked up his poop, ( that one really got him!) and did load after load of laundry! Who wouldn't want to watch a show like that? By now we were both seriously cracking up. And he then added to the commentary with "what about going to the grocery store, you do that almost every day? And cooking dinner, and picking up dirty underwear and socks that we leave laying around, too!" I mean really, that would be one exciting show! Isn't that what "real" housewives really do? Well, there are those who have real jobs, and then come home and do all that too.

The happy homemaker!
Don't you dare steal my idea, but I just had a brainstorm for a new insipid reality TV show! How about "The Real Maids, Gardners and Nannies of the Real Housewives." I think I'm really on to something here!


  1. I might even break down and pay for cable tv to watch someone other than myself pick up dog poop!

    Yes! I finally got my internet back!

  2. yipee, you're back!
    i know, right? it is a good idea! ha!