Friday, October 8, 2010

Time flies

Today is Mr. R.'s and my 22nd anniversary. It sure doesn't feel like it's been 22 years, well, until I looked at our nearly forgotten, dusty wedding photo album. We were no spring chickens, both of us were feeling pretty mature at 29 years old. But looking at those photos now, we looked so very young, and even less mature and prepared for what was about to unfold.
Me and my Dad. 
Ellen, my maid of honor, and John, the best man

Marriage is an interesting, and intense journey, to say the least. Living with another person while trying to remain kind and loving is not always the easiest thing to do. And, believe me there are some days that we've botched that mission completely. I really don't have any amazing tips to divulge for a happy, long marriage. Maybe, if somebody desperately pressed me for answers I'd tell them that I think it's just taking one day at a time, (like AA?! Sheesh!) and forgiving one another for our dumb mistakes.
Looking good, kids!
I always thought that at some point we'd feel we were safe from divorce. But lately our friends marriages are crumbling all around us. In my own observations I've realized that couples are never safe, and that complacency is something that actually contributes to divorce. In a perfect world, you would appreciate each other every day. Note to self, start making it a perfect day as many days as possible.

See you in 22 years!
So, happy anniversary, Mr. R., and thanks for 22 fun, eventful, often crazy, sometimes calm years. Life keeps us moving forward, and I really hope we can continue moving forward together.


  1. You made SUCH a beautiful bride :)

    And here darling. I can't believe you don't know who these people are. These people were like, THE, 90's pioneers of corny dance music. Two of the classics below.


    You're welcome. *MUAH* Have a fabulous weekend honey buns.

  2. hey annah, thanks for the 90's music education. i can't even remember what i was listening to back then!
    and thanks for your bride comment, it sure was a looonnnnggg time ago!

  3. Happy Anniversary, S'tar! You're every bit as beautiful today, as you were 22 years ago (and then some!) Congrats to you and Dion for going the distance. I'm sure there are many happy years ahead! xox!!!

  4. thanks, gsc! you are so sweet, but have you seen us lately? ha, thank goodness beauty can come from within!

  5. happy anniversary! you look darling in your wedding dress. such a handsome couple! and still are!! so much to be grateful for. you are so right about not being complacent. marriage takes work, but i think it's worth it. to the next 22+ years of bliss!!

  6. thanks so much, janine! you are very kind to say such nice things! you're so right, marriage does take a lot of work. if the stars are aligned, and there's enough voodoo is in the air, we'll keep working at it for a very long time!