Monday, January 31, 2011

DIY? Heck no, YDI (You-Do-It)! Pulleeeeze?

Courtesy of HGTV
Why wasn't I born a do-it-yourselfer? I love the idea of being handy, but when I try a DIY project  everything something always gets lost in translation. I recently saw a video with Dan Faires from HGTV's Design Star that made me think about giving another shot at being a DIYer. Although the coffee table I've been dreaming about is much more streamlined, more modern, this is so close, it just could be the "one". And to be able to make it myself? I think I hear the beginning of a hum of an angel or two! AHHH, can you hear it?

But nearly every project that I attempt leads to some sort of disaster. Remember that folding screen fiasco? And if I'm not smart handy enough to be a DIYer, couldn't I have at least married one? I mean, I really try not to be, but I am so jealous of these women who dream up all of these fantastical ideas, only to have their very own Mr. R's build houses made of cotton balls, or planters made of popsicle sticks, or firebowls made of cement (now, that one I totally want!) Ah well, good for them, I say!

So, I guess I'll just keep thinking up my own fantastical ideas, and maybe someday I'll bump into Dan Faires or some other lucky handy-man in a dark alley... the rest will be history. The evidence will be the new coffee table in my living room!


  1. GSC, no kidding! And maybe even pick up a power drill every now and then!

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