Monday, January 17, 2011

Flea market madness

I've fallen in love. Hard.

I've been going to flea markets and swap meets almost my entire life. When I was a kid and lived in Clarence, New York, my sister's best friend's family owned the local flea market called Hickeys Flea Market. We scoured the trash and treasures every Sunday morning after church. Such great memories!

Lately, the only flea market that I've been going to has been the local Irvine Antique Fair, which is on the first Sunday of the month. Well, yesterday I took off late by flea market standards and headed north to the Long Beach Swap meet. 

Let me just tell you, it was THE most fun that I've had in ions! There was more than even I could have bargained for. Ah, sheer bliss!

Of course, I didn't have a whole lot of cash to work with, but even walking through the never-ending aisles of wonderful treasures was intoxicating!

I found and splurged (don't tell Mr. R!) on a set of 4 butterfly chairs! I have been searching e-bay and craigslist for years for these beauties. Whenever I found one that was affordable, I'd always be outbid. Uhggg! So frustrating! And craigslist never even had one on their site. Never!

I'll change out the covers and spruce up the paint.

Can't wait to put these in the backyard!

I also found this all wool queen size blanket for $10! I love the creamy yellow and white colors. And it's pristine condition is amazing!

All wool from Holland
Perfect condition!
Like I said, I've fallen hard for the Long Beach Swap Meet. Sorry e-bay and Craigslist, but I'm breaking up with you. I know it's difficult, but it has to be.

I can't wait for next month!


  1. i already had total "too lazy to get up and go to swap meet" remorse, and now to see your scores!!! butterfly chairs are all that, and love the buttery yellow of that blanket! and then, one of the nicest garden bloggers shared a post about his GREAT DAY at the long beach swap. wait till you see the gainey pots!! next time don't let me wimp out! check out his post:

  2. It was heaven... Maybe we should get there early next month to score those gainey planters. I can't believe you Rancho friend let those slip through his fingers!

  3. HIya... our mutual friend at Laguna Dirt tipped me off to your post, loved it. Those orange planters? It wasn't easy walking away from them, believe me! But I've been working on new look more neutral, mostly concrete, or distressed metal or stone, so I had to ... and speaking of stone, I got some great stone planters via craigslist .. will post on them soon. Thanks for stopping by the Rancho Reubidoux blog! Reuben

  4. Carey, your next trip out East has to be when Brimfield is open!
    I would SO love to spend a day or two with you roaming around! Love your finds... also loved the wind screens you made! What a clever girl... must have learned that from your big sister! HA!!!

  5. There really is nothing that compares to scoring that great flea find is there? I love your butterfly chairs! Good job on honing in, it's easy when you have a fist full of cash to just buy for the sake of buying!

  6. Wouldn't it be fun be at the swap with fists full of cash? Oh, just once!

  7. I grew up in Buffalo and cut my teeth in the antiques business at Hickey's Flea Market! Do you remember the lot man, Norm Orts, who wore a bowler derby hat? I'm talking circa 1970 here.

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