Saturday, January 15, 2011

More than luck

The very last sentence of my last post was, "Wish me luck!", in trying to get my guys to help me drag those folding screens onto the back deck. Well, that never happened! I guess I needed more than luck.

I woke up this morning to both screens laying on the front porch, pretty much smashed to smithereens. What a mess! Apparently it got pretty windy last night, and one screen toppled onto the other, and well, that was that. Looks like I really needed a windscreen!

So... back to square one on the folding screen project. After sweeping up all of the glass and pieces of door, I assessed the damage. Out of six doors or panels, only three were left somewhat intact with no broken glass. I'm going to see if I can put together one folding screen with those three panels that are left, but I'm not so sure the frames will hold. They really took a beating when the fell over!

 I was sooo happy that I actually finished a DIY project! Ah well...
( I can't stop laughing at myself!)


  1. no way! i just read your previous post and they looked awesome as a folding screen, even better than i could have imagined!!! don't give up! i bet it's not that hard to replace the glass! maybe leave them empty. seriously, they are still a huge success!

  2. aw, thanks! I'll keep you posted on the salvaging project.

  3. What a terrible thing to have happen after so much effort! Love those blue chairs though. They look like they're in fantastic shape. enjoy.