Friday, March 4, 2011

Butterflies are not free

Remember these 4 amazing butterfly chairs that I scored at the Long Beach Antique Market a while ago? I was so excited to find 4 of them together! You can read my post here.

I had literally been searching for these beauties for years. Oh sure, you can find them here and there, but they are always over-priced and usually you can only find one at a time. So, when I found these, I set straight away to sanding and painting them black. I also tried to salvage the existing covers, not because I was in love with the blue denim, it was strictly a matter of cost.

I sewed some of the pieces back together, tried to reinforce some of the seams, but alas, to no avail. The second one of our big-guy friends sat in one, it ripped and nearly landed him on his butt. Can you spell lawsuit?

I definitely needed to get some new covers. Those old denim ones were just not going to hold up anymore. After all, they are probably over 35 years old, not that there's anything wrong with that!

Being the thrift-master that I am, I looked at some different websites, and on ebay to find the best deal out there. Back in January, one of my favorite blogs called, The Brick House, posted how her friends at Circa50 gave her a bunch of butterfly slings for free (they usually run from $50 - $65 each at Circa50!). Hmmm, I guess it pays to have thousands of followers! But seeing that nobody was emailing me to give me free stuff, I had to go the cheaper route. Besides, what's that old saying about "nothing is ever free."? Yea well, I'm not going to fall into that old trap! Ha!

I found a company called Unique Contemporary Solutions on ebay, and ended up paying a little over $25 each. They didn't have white, so I opted for the natural.

And I am extremely happy to report that my chairs look beautiful! See?

And that view's not bad, either!

A couple of Ikea pillows later, and I am pretty happy with the results! Ok, I'm a little worried that the slings are too tight on the bottom, but they should stretch out, right?

Oh, and the bonus was, as I was puttzing around and fiddling with the covers, the goats were calling to me from the canyon below! Aren't they cute?


  1. The chairs look really great! I am totally impressed with your project!

    The view is great, too!

  2. Hey, thanks! I finally completed one of them. Pretty amazing!

  3. the chairs look perfect! i think you will just need lots of friends over all the time to help stretch out those covers for you. it's the least we can do!

  4. Awesome, Care! The new Better Homes magazine had some butterfly chairs... I kept meaning to email you! Loved the view and the goats too!
    XO Deb