Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekend bliss

I had the best time last weekend! It began on Friday evening with a wonderful sunset happy hour with some friends in my backyard. I love starting the weekend off with friends, a little wine, and an unbelievable sunset! There's no better way to transition into sheer relaxation for the weekend!

Although the sunset was diffused pastels because of the clouds, instead of vibrant hues when it's sunnier out, it was still stunning! And the temperatures were pretty warm with just a hint of a warm breeze. My backyard is generally accosted by a huge wind factor, so it's really nice to be outside without that chilling wind!

Not bad for an impromptu pot luck! Do you think we need more booze?

Then on Saturday, we had friends over for a dinner that Mr. R cooked in honor of my birthday. I am still basking in the fact that I didn't have to lift a finger! Well, no bones were broken, anyways...

Sorry, no pics of the dinner party. I am terrible at remembering to take pictures! I'm trying to get better, though, I promise!

Sunday morning, Mr. R usually gets up very early and heads south to surf at San Onofre with some friends. This Sunday I jumped up not long after he did, and headed to the Irvine Antique Market. If you know me, you know that this is one of my favorite things to do! To scour all those booths, people watch, and find those hidden treasures is the most fun that I know how to have!

A precious snippet of history, no?

I never realized this before, but I think I must have an obsession with body parts! And what's up with her neck? It's just a little longer than normal...

I love what you're wearing!

Hello, Cowboy!

Poor guy never had a chance... gross!

Happy Trails

See? More body parts.

Isn't this fantastic?

Seriously, I'm so happy she was somebody's muse! Who would have guessed?

The whole time browsing and shopping, these guys play some great music, really creating a festive atmosphere! I love it!

Now that I'm back to the rigors of the work week, back to doing laundry, cleaning toilets and picking up after my dog and my kids, it sure was great to have such a lovely, inspired weekend. So, I wonder what's going on next weekend?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend! I think you should celebrate your birthday every weekend!

    And how come I didn't get a picture of the sunset for Captured Skyscapes

  2. Sounds like a PERFECT weekend! The pictures were great. Love that the butterfly chairs are now complete & put to work. And the flea market pictures made me yearn for Brimfield... 2 months away though!
    XO Deb

  3. what a perfect birthday weekend. no reason it can't continue!!

  4. This sounds and looks like a wonderful time, body parts included. Wanted to check in with you re: the latest bizarre weather events. Heard Laguna Beach mentioned on national news earlier and immediately thought of you. Hope things are calm.

  5. @susan, things are fine here. we barely notice small tidal surges on our beaches, but the harbors and marinas south and north of here got impacted a little bit. i haven't heard of any real damage, though. thanks for your thoughts, i really appreciate that!