Friday, March 18, 2011

Could it be Leprechauns?

St. Patrick's Day was sort of special in our house growing up, on account of our dad being of Irish descent. He always wore his green tie, or a green golf shirt and made sure we had our green on as well.

Yesterday, after he got out of work, Mr. R called me and invited me to meet up to celebrate the day with some friends. Donning my green shirt, I went to put on my favorite boots, and was surprised to find one missing.

Last time I wore them, I wore both of them. And when I took them off, I took both of them off. So, how is it that now I only have one?

This is a question that I just can't answer. I have searched long and hard for the missing boot, but it's nowhere to be found. All I can come up with is, it must be those naughty Leprechauns.

Do you think they want a ransom?  There was no note, but I'm willing to pay big bucks to get my boot back.


  1. Well, when I was at your house and couldn't find my clogs,I looked high and low, knowing exactly where I left them. Turns out, your Mr. R was wearing them... that's all I got.

  2. yup, that's a likely story, but would he wear only one? Hmmm, I'll have to investigate this matter further.

  3. any sign of the missing boot yet? Maybe it was "Notme" or "Idunno"... he/she lived with us growing up and was guilty of most crimes in our house...
    XO Deb

  4. that's very random. glad i'm not the only one this kind of stuff happens to!