Monday, August 23, 2010

49th Brooks Street Classic

There's pretty much nothing more local than the Brooks Street Classic. Surfers from only the 92651, somehow find out when this event is taking place, and sign up that very day to compete. For about 5 years in a row, the event didn't happen for lack of waves, but this year, the sun was out, the sets were rolling in and the 49th Brooks Street Classic was as much fun as ever. Two days of watching pros and amateurs alike, going head to head, to find out who gets this years title. In my mind, nothing could be better.

Both of my sons were among the surfers this year. It's pretty nerve wracking as a mom watching your guys compete against each other. And especially not easy when the younger pulls off an advancement, but the older doesn't. But that's all part of surfing. A lot of skill, with some luck sprinkled in, too.
14-17's waiting for the repechage heat to begin
my guys in red and orange
Egos do get bruised from time to time, and I guess that's the way we learn humility. But hey, I'm still learning that lesson, so I'm guessing it'll take my boys some time to learn it, too.

Bobby Chapman makes it look easy
A perfect peak, but nobody's in position

The weekend was perfect. Friends, challenging and watching friends, as they strive for something bigger, something to be proud of. It really is how local legend and lore is made.

Local Team USA surfer Taylor Pitz snaps the top
Looking for that bottom turn

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