Sunday, August 8, 2010

Northbound? No way!

Southbound #4

Along the way

Heisler Park

Almost there!

Disneyland claims to be the happiest place on earth, but I think they've got it wrong. The happiest place on earth really has to be the Laguna Beach trolleys. I swear, you hop on board and are immediately transcended to that happy place. You doubt me?  Well, you'll just have to try it for yourself sometime. And, that's what I intended to do last Friday. You see, Mr. Right meets his buddies every Friday evening after work. I give him some unwinding time with his friends, then usually meet up with the gang a little later. So, last Friday I had the brilliant idea to climb aboard the trolley, and travel several blocks North. I'd get a little taste of that happy touristy thing, and be in a great mood to join the guys. I parked the car, and headed for the trolley stop. Trolleys are supposed to come every 15 minutes, but I had been waiting on that bench for awhile. By now, 3 trolleys had passed, all going South. Dammit, the darn thing never came! Good thing it was a beautiful day, and it was not a very long walk. I just had had my heart set on a trolley adventure. Oh well, I walked along, keeping one eye looking backwards, so I could get to the next stop in time, but no Northbound trolley ever came! In front of the Hotel Laguna, I spotted the 4th Southbound trolley loading up. Giving up on any chance of trolley hopping, I crossed the street, and walked along the boardwalk at Main Beach, up the stairs and through Heisler Park. And you know what? It was a great walk, and I was in a great mood! Mission accomplished. Well, maybe half the mission, anyways.


  1. I would have to agree! I'd be a million times happier in Laguna Beach than any crowded theme park!

    The trollies are great, no doubt. But better than a liesurely walk overlooking the water? Never! I'm glad you enjoyed your self.

    Thanks for visiting Stumpy's blog!

  2. GSC, you are absolutely right! Walking is the preferred mode of transportation, I was just looking for a silly adventure.

    Love your blog, too!