Thursday, August 19, 2010

The death of an Italian suit

My son, who is about to be a high school senior this year, had his school pictures taken the other day. I was so proud of him! He got his nice suit out and tried it on to see my reaction. I almost broke out into applause! He looked so handsome, so grown up.
So, off we went to get to his appointment in time. Things went well at the photography studio, and his pictures didn't even come out that bad. All was well in the teen world.
The second we got home, he was out the door again, meeting his friends at the beach. When did we put a turnstile on the front door? Anyways, some time had passed when I went into the bathroom. There on the floor was his T-shirt and the Italian suit jacket. It looked as though there should be a chalk line and yellow caution tape around the perimeter! Yes, it's true that the Italian suit was from a thrift store, but it's still an Italian suit! And now he's gone and killed it.
I'm not sure when the services will be held, or if he'll be held accountable, but I did my best to resuscitate it. Poor thing, never had a chance. Italian suit, or dirty socks, all things land on the floor at the hands of the 17 year old man child.


  1. Aaahhhh, Carey...I feel your pain. Sean never had an Italian suit to kill but it didn't slow him down too much! LOL!! Thank God it wasn't an off the rack Armani!!

  2. Talked to Cyn last night for a few minutes. She's on her way here!!!! Should be arriving on Saturday; still not sure where she'll be staying but I'm sure we can find a spot for her. I am busy plotting my retirement in 3 years, 2 months and 20 days...but who is counting????

  3. pam, he will NOT be getting any armani for a very loooonnnggg time! one italian death is quite enough!
    glad she's on her way, and wishing her safe travels!

  4. Shall I send flowers? or is there a charity I can donate to, in the poor defiled suit's name?

    Yes, I'm on my way. Holed up in kansas avoiding severe weather. At least I am hoping it avoids me!

  5. gsc, the charity you can donate to is his clothes allowance, hehe, just kidding!