Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ah, summer vacation

View of T Street surf break

The Beachcomber

View of the pier

Last Saturday, our friends asked us to join them on their summer vacation, down at the well known Beachcomber Inn in San Clemente. Vacation? San Clemente is only 2 towns away from Laguna. More like a STAY- cation. What a brilliant idea, I thought! Instead of being holed up in airports, and trying to cram your oversized luggage into whatever economy size rent-a-car the keys you were given fit into, just drive 15 minutes south, down PCH, unload a couple of bathing suits, and crack open a cold one! And really, it was great! The vibe was buzzing with happy, vacationing people, and local kids hanging out. The setting couldn't have been better. The Beachcomber sits right above the beach on the south side of the pier. So, you have an amazing birds eye view of the beach below, and at sunset, the pier is perfectly silhouetted against the evening sky. For dinner, we dined at a sushi restaurant that I've driven past dozens of times without noticing, that was fabulous. And, our friends were so relaxed, and loving life, enjoying their vacation full tilt. Generally, my family doesn't take a summer vacation. But, next summer? Maybe we'll pick a spot close to home, and try out a stay-cation of our own.


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